Then the orgy of food began; they brought us seven plates of antipasto: homemade prosciutto and salami, chick pea salad, peas and potatoes, spinach, my beloved buffalo mozzarella, green beans in tomato sauce and a tomato and octopus salad. Everything was fresh and so good, Den & I managed to eat almost every bite. Needless to say, no bread was touched that night! After a little break, a huge platter of fresh pastas in a tomato sauce was brought to our table: gnocchi, ravioli, cannelloni and “mama’s pasta,” the most delicate, light sheets of pasta with ricotta cheese I have ever tasted. Another dish of thick noodles in a cream sauce with zucchini and mushrooms soon joined the table and we continued to eat our way to paradise. Another break and then the meat platter came: chicken, lamb, pork chops and sausage, along with salad and even a plate of fries.

We learned from Maria the next day that all the meat is raised by the family on their farm. There is a huge charcoal grill right in the restaurant and everything is cooked right in front of everyone. We had about four brothers/cousins serving us and they were a hoot, laughing and joking with everyone in the place. We enjoyed seeing people’s faces as the food was brought to them. Many people (including us) took pictures to show how much we were given to the poor plebes back home that would probably never have the incredible luck to come here. We were given some wonderful lemon cake and fruit custard tart for dessert and some limoncello to finish the evening. We had no idea how much this feast would cost us and hoped we had enough cash on us. Well, this was the bargain of the trip. €35 each from start to finish! €70 for a meal we will remember for the rest of our lives and a view that will remain etched in our minds forever. A driver brought us back to our hotel around 11 and we slept like babies that night.

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